The Experience



Maine Windjammer Cruises offers a glimpse into a bygone era when life and recreation were more leisurely.  Our schooner sails the Maine coast as the traditional ships did over 100 years ago. Passengers are welcome to take the wheel or help with other deck duties.

Led by the winds and tides, you are propelled through our island chain on the sailing vacation of a lifetime.

A World Class Sailing Vacation in Mid-Coast Maine

Have you ever heard the sea rush past a real sailing ship – felt the salt breeze in your  hair –  watched the moon rise over an island anchorage?   

You will, when you set sail on Swift this summer!

What's It Like?


A Maine Windjammer Cruise is a refreshing escape from the pressures of our modern world. Nature’s winds and tides determine your day’s events. Enjoy the serenity and camaraderie of a simpler time. We sail with no inboard power, as they did a hundred years ago, with wind and canvas still providing this unique way to travel.

Sail with us to experience the magic!

The Music of the Wind

The cold mist of salt blowing in your face, the beautiful

ocean, the waves dancing in the wind. the great ships

of wood that sail these oceans. The beautiful

architecture of the great ships.  They seem to have their

own personality, an attitude, a look to them that

hypnotizes anybody that sets their eyes upon it.  The

large, flapping sails,  the song of water parting a the

bow, the whistle of the wind.  The sounds create

music.  The music, the art, of sailing. 

The music of the wind. 

– Liam

A Day Aboard

Here at Maine Windjammer Cruises, shipboard routines quickly become a comfortable pattern.

Rise early, perhaps in time for an exhilarating sunrise. Relax on deck with a hot cup of coffee and baked goods still warm from the galley, as you take in the splendor of a new day and the fresh sea air. Slowly, the schooner comes to life as passengers are tempted from their cabins by the aroma of a hearty Maine breakfast wafting from the galley.

Soon, the clanking of the anchor chain signals that it’s time to leave your serene anchorage and set out on the bay. Guests who wish can lend a hand, and in no time the anchor breaks free, the sails are set and you are underway.

Experience the wonders of the Maine Coast, get to know your fellow passengers or simply sit back and relax as the wind propels you through one of the most beautiful cruising grounds in the world. Don’t forget your binoculars- Nature is all around you on the bay. Curious harbor seals watch as they sun themselves on rocky island points and graceful porpoises arch through the water. Gulls, ospreys and eagles soar above the evergreens.

Late afternoon brings you to your evening’s destination. Where appropriate, island shore excursions are available. Go for a row in the Whitehall or Peapod or take a refreshing swim. Gather with your shipmates in the galley for an amazing home-cooked meal prepared on our wood fired stove.

Enjoy an evening of music, laughter, camaraderie and star gazing before turning in for the night.

Depending on the length of your cruise, one night will include a Lobster Bake on an island, or a Lobster Feast aboard your schooner.




Ann’s cookbook filled with recipes created over her 28 years of windjammer cooking is your cook’s guide in preparing delicious meals and unsurpassed baked goods from scratch.

Menus reflect our Maine heritage. Heirloom recipes are tweaked to make them especially healthy and are accompanied by an array of fresh fruits, salads and vegetables. Tempting breads and desserts are baked fresh daily.


Depending on the length of your cruise, you will enjoy a traditional Maine Lobster Bake cooked over a driftwood fire on a deserted island, or you’ll be treated to a Lobster Feast with all the trimmings on board the schooner.

We are committed to using fresh locally-sourced ingredients and enjoy introducing you to local Maine products from nearby food artisans.

Lobster Bake

Our traditional New England Lobster Bake, cooked over a driftwood fire on a deserted island, is a highlight on our longer cruises – Steamed Lobsters, Corn, Hot Dogs, Cheeses, Salads and Vegetable buffet…all topped off with roasted marshmallows and S’mores!

The Captain’s BBQ

This festive meal is usually on the last night of our longer cruises. The grill is hot and there is a feast of steak, chicken, ribs and an assortment of vegetarian dishes.  Of course there is always a mouthwatering desert fresh from the galley stove.

Surf & Turf BBQ

Plenty of steamed lobster and steak cooked just the way you like them! Weekend & three-day cruises enjoy our Surf & Turf Bar-B-Q onboard your schooner.


Windjammer accommodations are rustic by cruise ship standards. The warm glow of varnished wood and unique features of each cabin offer an atmosphere of comfort far different from a luxury liner.

Swift’s three cabins are double-occupancy, with one that can accommodate 3 twin beds.  Singles wishing to sail on the Swift would need to pay the full cabin price unless another single is available to share the cabin.  We do have a wait list for persons wishing to travel alone.

The galley is a large room with heavy wooden tables sculpted to fit the space and surrounding comfortable settees that invite you to linger. It is your dining room, living room, and family room – a welcoming place to eat, read, play cards, or just relax.

Each cabin has a private enclosed head; hot-water shower is below decks.

What To Bring

As you plan for your cruise, consider the possible weather for your time aboard.  Remember sensible shoes, sunblock, hat and something to block the wind or rain.  You will be comfortable no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

  • Soft canvas or nylon bags to slide under your bunk
  • Informal clothes that can be layered
  • Jeans & shorts
  • T-shirts (both long and short sleeves)
  • Sweatshirt or sweater, and windbreaker
  • Bathing suit, beach towel
  • Rubber soled shoes or sneakers
  • Sun hat
  • Sun glasses
  • Rain gear (jacket or poncho)
  • Coat, hat, gloves for early and late season trips
  • Sleeping bag for sleeping on deck
  • Prescription medications & Inverter for your CPAP
  • Toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc.)
  • Sun tan lotion
  • Disposable wipes
  • Camera, film, extra batteries
  • Small flashlight
  • Clip-on book light for avid readers
  • Binoculars
  • Musical instrument
  • Book, journal, sketchpad
  • Favorite board game
  • Ear plugs for light sleepers
  • Folding soft canoe seat (esp. if you have back problems)
  • Carbonated beverages, alcohol in moderation, juice.
  • Carefree hairdo, sense of humor, & singing voice.
  • Insect repellant (for walks ashore)
  • Ginger candy, sea bracelets, Dramamine only if you are prone to motion sickness.
  • Inverter for a 12 v battery if you use a CPAP machine.  (We provide the battery).
  • Battery for your cell phone.  We have limited charging on deck.
  • Hair dryers and electric razors
  • Hard or bulky suitcases
  • Radios (except with headphones)
  • Fancy clothing & makeup
  • Stress
  • Cell phones & laptops (If you must bring them, please use discreetly)

Home Port

Known as “where the mountains meet the sea,” Camden is a charming village and safe harbor with easy access to an archipelago of over a thousand islands.  It has been a long-time destination of vacationers and yachtsmen.

Sailing from this magical home port is an important part of what we have to offer. We hope you spend some extra time before or after your cruise to enjoy the area’s many scenic, cultural and culinary offerings.

Camden Maine, located in the heart of Mid-Coast Maine

Our storybook village has much to offer residents and visitors alike. Downtown is a charming blend of commercial, historic and green spaces. The harbor is the heart of the community. Standing at the Public Landing, you can watch the comings and goings of 100-year-old vessels and watch the Megunticook River cascade from beneath the stores into the harbor.

Its historic landscapes, Harbor Park and the Amphitheater offer visitors serene surroundings to picnic or just lie on the grass and watch the fishing boats, windjammers, small craft and large yachts going in and out of the harbor.  Designed by Fletcher Steele and the Olmstead Brothers, they were designated National Historic Landmarks  in 2013.

Drive or walk less than a mile to Camden Hills State Park with over 5,000 acres of hiking trails and a road to the summit of Mt. Battie, where you can have a panoramic view of Penobscot Bay with its many evergreen islands. Or go down by the rocky seashore and soak in the sunshine and smell of the fresh salt-water ocean air.

Our charming downtown offers many unique and locally owned establishments. With its many shops, fine restaurants and charming accommodations, there is sure to be something for everyone’s tastes.

Sailing from this magical home port is an important part of what we have to offer. We hope you spend some extra time before or after your cruise to enjoy the area.

Camden is on Route 1, about four hours by car from Boston, less than two hours from Portland or Bangor, a half-hour north of Rockland Airport, and a half hour south of Belfast. Additional information is available in our FAQs, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions  (800) 736-7981 or (207) 236-2938

Map Mid Coast Maine


The majority of our passengers find it convenient to fly to Portland International Jetport, which is a 1½ -2 hour drive from Camden. You can arrange for a rental car or ride with Concord Bus Lines or a hired limo.


From Logan International Airport, it’s a 4-hour drive north to Camden. It can take a bit longer if traffic is heavy.


You can fly into Bangor International Airport, which is about 1½ hours north of Camden. Bangor is a less active airport than Portland, and limo, van and bus service to Camden is limited. You can arrange for a rental car.


Connections with Boston are available through Knox County Regional Airport via Cape Air.  You should arrange for a rental car in advance. Taxis are usually available with a phone call.


Concord Coach (800) 639-3317  operates scheduled service between Boston and Camden. They pick up passengers at South Station and the terminals at Logan Airport. The bus is express to Portland, but between Portland and Camden, it follows their “Maine Coastal Route” and makes frequent stops. From Logan the ride is approximately 5 ¼ hours, and from South Station, it is approximately 4 ½ hrs. They do not take reservations, so you are asked to be at the station 15-30 minutes before travel time. The Camden terminal is just over a mile from the public landing. Taxis are usually available.


Concord Coach (800) 639-3317 operates scheduled service between Bangor and Camden. It follows their “Maine Coastal Route” and makes stops in Searsport, Belfast, and Lincolnville before arriving in Camden. The trip from Bangor to Camden is approximately 1 ½ hours. They do not take reservations, so you are asked to be at the station 15-30 minutes before travel time. The Camden terminal is just over a mile from the public landing. Taxis are usually available.


Concord Coach  (800) 639-3317 operates scheduled service between Portland and Camden. The bus leaves from the Portland Transportation Center, so if you arrived in the city by air, you’ll need to take a short taxi ride to the transportation center.  This bus follows their “Maine Coastal Route” and makes frequent stops. The trip from Portland to Camden is approximately 2 ½ hours with stops. They do not take reservations, so you are asked to be at the station 15-30 minutes before travel time. The Camden terminal is just over a mile from the public landing. Taxis are usually available but call ahead for pick-up.

The entire length of the Maine Turnpike from Kittery to Augusta via Lewiston (an inland route) is now designated I-95. Also, the entire section of interstate roadway from Scarborough to Gardiner via Brunswick (a coastal route) is now designated I-295.

Exits and interchanges on both routes have been renumbered to reflect distances from Kittery at the New Hampshire border.


  • Follow Route I-95 North (Maine Turnpike) to Exit 44
  • Take Route I-295 Northeast toward Portland, Freeport, Brunswick
  • Take Exit 28 and follow coastal Route 1 northbound.
  • To save about half an hour, take Maine Route 90 at the flashing yellow traffic signal in Warren. Route 90 meets Route 1 again in Camden. Take a left at the traffic light there, and you’ve only got a about 2 miles to your destination.
    (Note that if you miss the turn in Warren and stay on Route 1, you’ll go through downtown Thomaston and Rockland, but you’ll get here nevertheless.)
  • As you enter Camden from the south, note that Stop sign! Then watch for Camden National Bank. Turn right onto Bay View Street with the brick bank to your right and Sea Dog restaurant to your left. Immediately head straight down the ramp to the public landing. Many pedestrians walk on this short, paved roadway, so extra caution is needed. Our loading area is straight in front of you, to the left of the harbormaster’s office.
  • Please note: Maine law requires vehicles to stop for pedestrians within any part of a marked crosswalk that is not regulated by a traffic control device. When you’re walking in Camden, we suggest that you stop at the curb, wait until traffic stops for you and then follow the local tradition of a quick and friendly wave for the driver.


  • Take Route 1 south from Belfast. A blinking yellow traffic signal at the north end of Camden indicates that you are almost here. Don’t miss the view of the harbor on your left as you pass the library. Continue past one long block of village stores to the first intersection.
  • Take a left onto Bay View Street with Sea Dog restaurant to your left and the brick Camden National Bank on your right. The ramp to the public landing will be immediately on your left. Many pedestrians walk on this short, paved roadway, so extra caution is needed.
  • Please note: Maine law requires vehicles to stop for pedestrians within any part of a marked crosswalk that is not regulated by a traffic control device. When you’re walking in Camden, we suggest that you stop at the curb, wait until traffic stops for you and then follow the local tradition of a quick and friendly wave for the driver.


  • Take Maine Route 17 to the traffic signal at Maine Route 90 in Rockport, where you should take a left. Continue to Route 1 in Camden. Follow directions above for entering Camden northbound.
  • Please note: Maine law requires vehicles to stop for pedestrians within any part of a marked crosswalk that is not regulated by a traffic control device.
    When you’re walking in Camden, we suggest that you stop at the curb, wait until traffic stops for you and then follow the local tradition of a quick and friendly wave for the driver.

Budget (888) 594-0842 or 207-594-0822  and Avis Car Rental 207-594-2691 ares available by reservation from nearby Knox County Regional Airport. Enterprise Car Rental (207) 594-9093  is available from Rockland.
Please note: Maine law requires vehicles to stop for pedestrians within any part of a marked crosswalk that is not regulated by a traffic control device.

Amtrak runs the “Downeaster” (800) 872-7245 or (207) 780-1000 between Boston and Brunswick. You can then rent a car, take the Concord  Coach bus via the “Maine Coastal Route” or reserve a ride from Camden’s Mid-Coast Limo.
Camden’s Mid-Coast Limo (800) 937-2424 or (207) 236-2424 recommends that you make reservations as soon as you know your travel itinerary.

Vacation Info

Including suggestions for places to stay, restaurants, transportation, specialty shops, and worthwhile activities our passengers have enjoyed in the past. Each of these businesses has the personal recommendatoin of Capt. Ray & Ann Williamson.


  • Camden Maine Stay Inn
    22 High St., Bob & Juanita Tupper welcome you with a cozy fire-lit parlor and a glassed-in porch overlooking the garden and woods, where you can walk the woodland path or find a peaceful bench by the brook. Phone 207-236-9636.
  • Hawthorn Inn
    9 High St., offers Jacuzzi tubs, fireplaces, private decks and more with your host Maryanne Shanahan. Phone 207-236-8842.
  • Towne Motel
    68 Elm St., Neil & Patty Courtney will offer you a clean, comfortable stay with telephone and color cable TV and a complimentary continental breakfast. Phone 207-236-3377 or for reservations 1-800-656-4999.
  • Lord Camden Inn
    24 Main St., built by Stuart & Marianne Smith within the business buildings in town and from the top floor harbor side, you have a view of the activities in the harbor. Phone 207-236-4325 or 1-800-755-7483
  • High Tide Inn on THE OCEAN
    7 acres with an Inn, Motel, & Cottages. You will be offered homemade pop-overs by Jo Freilich, served on the glassed-in porch overlooking the Penobscot Bay. You can gaze at the islands, listen to the waves or walk on the private beach. (800) 778-7068
  • The Country Inn
    Only minutes away from downtown Camden, each suite is furnished in an elegant country theme. Air conditioing, iron, refrig and private deck or patio area, library, pool, fitness room, and guest laundry. High-speed wireless internet access. 888-707-3945
  • Cedar Crest
    A plesant walk to downtown Camden. Air-conditioning, irons, coffee maker and cable TV. Adjoining Restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Heated outdoor pool, internet access, wake-up calls available. Motels rooms, suites or a cabin. 800-422-4964
  • Camden Windward House
    6 High St., Kristen Bifulco, Innkeeper, welcomes you to this Historic District 1854 Greek Revival style home. Steps from the harbor and downtown shops and restaurants. 207-236-9656 or for reservations 877-492-9656
  • Birchwood Motel
    Camden’s Best Value ~ Ocean View. Family owned and operated, 2.5 miles north of downtown Camden. Motel rooms, cottage, efficiencies and vacation rentals. Discount packages and internet access available. 207-236-4204


  • Cappy’s Chowder House
    1 Main St., whether it’s breakfast at their famous bakery, a bowl of chowder, salad for lunch or a full dinner, Cappy’s is convenient with great food. 236-2254


  • Camden Custom Embroidery
    2 Main St., this store has a full service computerized embroidery shop. Over 20,000 in-stock designs. Customized logos. A great place for that Camden souvenir or gift.
  • French & Brawn Marketplace
    Main St., a deli counter with soups, sandwiches, salads and baked goods. Pack a picnic lunch and go across the street to the park. Also meats, live and cooked lobsters and full grocery line with beer and wine. 207-236-3361
  • Russels of Camden
    A variety of custom-made and stock jewelry in 14k, 18k and sterling silver; repair and restoration services, stone cutting. Homeport for designer nautical jewelry. 207-236-4367 Russell’s of Camden, PO Box 598, Camden, ME 04843.
  • State of Maine Cheese Company
    Route 1 south of Camden, a delicious variety of made in Maine cheese and dairy products and speciality gift items. 207-236-8895
  • Sleepy Hollow Rag Rugs
    Located on Route 173, 1 1/4 mile off Lincolnville Beach. Visit O’Brien’s shop where you can watch rugs of all sizes being weaved on their specialty looms good for small homes and mansions alike. 207-789-5987
  • All About Games
    Located in Belfast, owner’s Ray & Pat Estabrook believe in the interactive, social enhancement provided by non-electronic games in general. During the summer they run “Learn to play” nights. Visit anytime. 207-338-9984 or 1-877-604-2182
  • Dolphin Designs
    Enrich your life with a piece of lovingly created jewelry. A selection including earrings, necklaces & bracelets inc. dolphins, lobsters, starfish, sand dollars, seahorses, crabs, octopus; Boats, anchors, propellors, sextant, lighthouses & more.


  • Lincolnville Historical Society
    Photographs, early settlers tools, everchanging displays, archeology and Native American artifacts. Historians and genealogist, check out their online publications and cemetary listings. 207-789-5445 1/4 mile on Rt. 173 from Lincolnville Beach.
  • Penobscot Marine Museum
    Twenty miles north in the seaport village of Searsport is an extensive maritime museum and genealogy library; 18th, 19th & 20th century merchant sailing craft. Visit many of their buildings including a sea Captain’s home and boat barns. 207-548-2529.
  • Farnsworth Art Museum
    Just a few miles south of Camden is one of the finest art museums in the country with a specialized collection focusing on Maine’s roll in American art including the Wyeth Center. 207-548-2529.
  • Owls Head Transportation Museum
    One of the finest collections of pioneer-era aircraft and automobiles in the world. More than 100 historic aircraft, automobiles, carriages and engines are on permanent diplay. Weekly special events. 207-594-4418.
  • Maine Maritime Museum
    Either on your trip from the south or upon your return stop in Bath, Maine. Founded in 1962, Maine’s maritime heritage is told through gallery exhibits, an historic shipyard site and narrated excursions along the Kennebec River. 207-443-1316.


  • Midcoast Limo
    If you need a ride they offer reliable and economical transportation from the Portland Jetport and bus stations. 207-236-2424 or 1-800-937-2424
  • Schooner Bay TaxiTaxi & Van Service Local Transportation – Also providing service to an from Rockland Regional Airport and Portland JetPort  207-594-5000


  • Windjammer Festival, Camden HarborCelebration of our windjammer heritage. Windjammer Parade, boat tours, concerts, fireworks, nautical events and more! Join the fun book a Labor Day Weekend Cruise!
  • Bay Chamber Concerts
    Bay Chamber Concerts brings to the midcoast some of the most respected names in classical, jazz, world music and dance. For newcomers to a live performance, we invite you to explore this year’s highly diverse offerings.
  • Camden Rotary Club
    Sometimes we need to step back and get a broader view of who we are and what we are doing. We need to let our awareness of what’s important seep in. — Anna Louise Strong AND what is better than a windjammer cruise to do this!
  • Maine Lobster Festival
    Enjoy this special event before or after your special windjammer cruises: 58th Annual Maine Lobster Festival – August 3-7, 2005
  • Camden Opera House Schedule
    This grand building surprises many that walk off the streets of bustling downtown Camden and find themselves in the halls of a Victorian opera house. Check out our schedule to enjoy before or after your windjammer cruise.
  • Fishing in Maine
    In a world beset by countless trying problems Maine stands out among other areas as a sanctuary for fishing lovers, still rugged, beautiful and unspoiled. Nearly 6000 lakes and ponds and 32,000 miles of rivers and streams along with some of the nicest peo
  • Maine Genealogy Info
    The Maine State Archives maintains approximately 95 million pages of official State records considered to be permanently valuable. The earliest dates from 1639.
  • Golf
    An 18-hole oceanside golf course (6,600 yds., Par 70) is one of the most beautiful in New England, boasting seven holes bordering the ocean and ocean vistas from fourteen of the eighteen holes.
  • Maine Lighthouses
    Every windjammer cruise gives you the opportunity to take pictures of Maine’s beautiful lighthouses, the longer the cruise the more you see. Many you can tour by land or by sea.
  • Maine Lobster Info
    There’s a reason that wherever you go, or however you cook it, America’s favorite crustacean is called “Maine” Lobster.
  • Maine State Parks & Lands
    Designed to harmonize with mountain, lake, and seashore, Maine’s state park system is as varied as the state’s landscape.
  • Marriage License
    Maine laws have now made it easier for out-of-state residents to marry here.
  • Whale Watching
    Going on a windjammer you have a “chance” of seeing a whale. But, if you’d like a better opportunity spend some time before or after your trip and take a power boat for your whale watch.
  • Ocean Wildlife In Maine
    A summer program in Marine Studies for students age 12 to 18.
  • Salmon Commission, Maine Atlantic
    The purpose of the Maine Atlantic Salmon Commission is to protect, conserve, restore, manage and enhance Atlantic salmon habitat, populations and sport fisheries within historical habitat in all (inland and tidal) waters of the State of Maine.
  • Bark Europa
    Ask Captain Ray Williamson about his trip!
  • Puffins in Maine
    Atlantic Puffins, seabirds of the Auk family, are well-known for their clown-like features and throaty calls. Icons of coastal Maine, they are frequently captured in post cards, calendars and picture books.
  • Acadia National ParkCelebrating 100 Years! Only 1 1/2 hours north of Camden. The second most visited National park in the United States of America. Well worth the visit either before of after your windjammer cruise.



  • All Things Windjammer
    We will be listing here (until we get enough for a new page) all things that have the name “Windjammer” in it. With approval from Capt. Ray, link to our company and we will link to you in return. Companies helping companies in this ocean of cyberspace….
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